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How to get rid of Cradle Cap - Common Baby Issues #2

how to get rid of cradle cap

My son had the worst cradle cap, I used to actually call it "cradle crap" because it annoyed me so much, it was like yellow scales on his head.

Cradle cap effects most babies, it may not look pleasant but at least it isn't painful! It is a very common baby issue. It is NOT caused by bad hygiene at all and isn't contagious. k

  • What is it: Cradle cap is scaly, crusty patches on your baby's scalp. It is basically dandruff for babies.

  • Who gets it: It is most commonly found in new born babies. The reason why they get it is unknown.

  • What can you do: It can be alleviated by massaging a little olive oil onto your baby's head and then shampooing it off. You can then use a very soft baby brush to gently brush your baby's hair and get some of the flakes away. You can also massage coconut into your babies scalp if you don't have olive oil.

  • What not to do: DO NOT be tempted to pick at the scaly patches as this make your baby's scalp sore and can lead to infection. If it starts looking red and irritated then you should take your baby to the doctor to get it checked out.

  • How long does it last: It usually clears up in time. It normally only effects babies in the first few months. If your child still has it after a few months, don't stress, in some cases it can last until your child is 3 years old.

Did your baby have Cradle Cap?

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