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Colic - Common Baby Issue #1

There are quite a few common baby issues that come up in the first few months of having a baby.

I'm going to be doing short little segments on the different issues each week. Some of the common issues can be very stressful BUT you are most certainly not alone in dealing with them.

Colic is absolutely one of the things that can drive you nuts, it can be completely exhausting. So lets get right to it!


  • How common is it? Around one in five babies suffer from Colic.

  • What is it: Colic is an abdominal pain, associated with trapped wind and is very uncomfortable for babies, hence the extreme crying. Colic usually happens at the the same time every day, it is not constant all day crying.

  • How YOU can survive it: It can be extremely stressful! The best you can do is stay calm and comfort your baby.

  • How to help your baby: Try laying him across your lap and gently rub his back. Hold them upright during and after feeding to help prevent them from swallowing air. Carrying them a lot, use a baby wrap or carrier so your arms don't get tired. Place a warm towel on your babies tummy.

  • How long does it last: It normally stops by the time your baby is 3-4 months old

Do you know of any great home remedies for Colic?

Please share them here for any future parents who are struggling with their colicky baby!


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