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What nickname do you call your child?

What nickname do you call your child

I love nicknames, I call my son a huge array of different nicknames like Sprog, Rayray, Buby, Noodlebum etc.

I was interested to know what nicknames you called your children and if it was something you did so I asked.......

So many of you responded with ridiculously cute, funny and adorable nicknames, it was such a fun thread, thank you to all of you that took part!

I particularly love how so many of them are SUPER South African too!

If you call your child by a nickname, why not join the conversation and tell us below in the comment section! We'd love to hear what funny or cute name you call them.

Take a look below and see all the great nicknames your fellow Mommalicioius Moms (and dads) call their children...

Iain Spacey - Monster pod

Inge Van Der Ross - My son's name is Malakai so sometimes I will call him Kai ( just a shortening of his name) or Malakiki or when I ask if he is okay, I call him baba

Vanessa Hollenbach - My eldest will always be Apie because of her crazy energy. My youngest is Bebe (biebie) cause...he's the baby in the house lol.

Maritza Oppermann - My children has so many.. and they respond to them all.. and! Xxx and it keeps on changing 😉

Felicity MacTavish Snygans - Professor Poofenpuff (as my 8 year old is full of facts :p)

Nikita Christine Bezuidenhout - Son’s name is Alasdair we call him Baby Dinosaur 🦕 and my Daughter is Isla we call her Katie

Glynn Primo-Harischandre - My little one is my monkey and eldest is my Jay Jay.

Christylene Van Schalkwyk - Nunu-pie ( my 9 year old daughter) she loves it

Danie-Stacy Esterhuizen - Oldest child is Nene, Middle child is Jeany bannaney and the baby in the house is Blommie!!!

Robyn Lee Velthuysen Muku - skizzel manizzel and the youngest is bookadesh

Jackalynne Johns - My eldest, is Tye, and my baby is vetkoppie

Marcelle Schoeman - Lali is my son (Carlisle), Emi or belle is my daughter (emma)

Jayde Dudley Ada - Eldest is Zoey and I call he ZoZo. My youngest is Jared and we call him JaJa

Zama G Mbatha - Eldest is Didi, second one is Mimie and the youngest is Punkiepie

Shaiesta Cassim - Nunu... love... Skedadil.(Was a name from cartoon I use to watch)

Kauthar Scheepers - My eldest daughter Zee her name is Zia and the youngest Azzie her name is Azrah

Ashley Muller - My only son Gabriel of 6 I lovingly call Nuku. (Dont know why) Lol 😁

Fatima Casker - Princess poppy for the younger one whose name is Nusaybah and Q for the older one her name is Quadirah

Bronwin Marsh - Marsmannetjie :)

Yvone van Romburgh - Monkey 🐒

Tracy Smith - Monkey

Danielle Grebe - POENKIE 😊

Lee Ann Brown - Squirrel

Rachelle Potgieter- Soronia, her name is Sorah

Davina Sawoky Gowardun - Lulu

Goitseone Thamae - Nubi or nub nub ,haha!

Marochelle Wasserman Zaankepaan - Mieliemeel (miecke) 😅

Refilwe Sharon - Pom Pom 😀

Sonia Albertus - My girl- Mama, My boy- snookie

Nicole Fennie - Reecie pie or my lovey/angel

Jenny Coetzee - Gangading and Sugarman

Lézanne Longbottom - Nunu punus. Her name is Emma.

Shereen Weideman - Bee bee and Nunu

Qadira Scharnick Collins - Keyaan-Yanobeans, Atiyyah -Atchar/China, Saadiqa -Sata/sadickies

Justine Miller - Flonkiepops

Nedine Janse van Rensburg - Imma and lielie muis

Nazley Doutie Gamiet - Noonie poonie

Chrizel Du Toit - Parrabout en poepneus

Laken Leyds Walker - My Chooks😚😚

Annehetty Adams - Bubbles ; Boder; boeta

Genevieve Pietersen - Bingy & Ty Dollar... Weird I know

Mmatokelo Leeto - Puna

Laura Bruton - Baby girl, my lief en gogga

Gugu Mhlongo - Popo

Jana Marshall - Nunu

Kristina Hansen - Bidie bose

Novania Raja - Boogaagee

Lee Ann Smith - My youngest' name is Kai. We call him Frikkie

Amy Bull Scriven - Kiki or keeks

Teri Breytenbach - Moo moo

Candice Simmers - Riley= Rilo. Mia= Mio

Michelle Brown - Mama

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