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How to Raise a Grateful Child

how to raise a grateful child

We have a generation of children are entitled. Ultimately that's not their fault, it's ours as parents.

Children are born getting everything they want because we have to care for their every need. As time goes on we have to start teaching them that we as parents are not required to give them their every want and need. It's also up to us to teach them to be grateful for the things that get and for what they already have. We are not obligated to do the things we do for them, like buying them a new toy, taking them to play parks etc, we do it out of love.

So here are some little tips to help you start teaching your child how to be grateful for all the wonderful things they have in their life.

  • Tell them thank you. It may seem like a simple thing but it's easily forgotten.

  • Let him hear you say thank you to other people.

  • Don't give her everything she wants. Seriously, don't. Say no from time to time.

  • Provide her with opportunities to earn the things she wants. Age related Chores are always a great idea.

  • Keep Rewards reasonable, simple.

  • Call him out when he's unappreciative, we have to point it out when it's happening.

  • Give back to the community.

  • Help your child see the need around her.

  • Teach your child about developing countries

I hope that helps! Are you dealing with an ungrateful little terrorist at the moment! Tell me below what you're doing to change things, I'd love to hear!


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