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Teething - Common Baby Issue #4

Shew, teething is really not fun, some babies like little bosses with no aches and pains while others, like my son really really struggle. I don't miss the crying, sleepless nights when he was so niggly from teething. The only saving grace was that it only lasted 2 days max luckily!

When does teething start - Normally around 6 months old. Some early developers can start teething as early as 3 months. There is normally a time period of one to two months before the next one pops out.

By 3 years old your child should have 20 primary teeth.

Signs - They usually start chewing things, crying and sometimes get a fever. The can have a loss of appetite, drool excessively and will pull cheeks and ears.

Order teeth appear - First middle bottom two teeth. Second top two middle teeth. Third the upper lateral incisors then the bottom. Then comes the molars and then the eye teeth.

What can you do - There are many things you can use to help your baby with teething like teething gels or powders, teething rings and cold items to chew on.

Teething isn't the most pleasant time for your baby or for you. Their sleep patterns can go completely wonky and they tend to be very grumpy. It can get exhausting but it only normally lasts 1 to 3 days then its back to normal. Then worst part for your baby is when the tooth is piercing through the gum.

I'd love to hear what remedies you've used that have helped.

Comment below and share with all the other moms!

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