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Natural Remedies to help your baby with congestion.

There is nothing more stressful and exhausting than a sick baby. It can be very scary for new parent seeing your baby struggling to breath due to congestion. They really do struggle and it breaks your little heart.

Babies breath through their nose so it's really not pleasant for them and when they're breastfeeding and their nose is blocked it pretty impossible for them to breath easily which can make them VERY upset!.

The first time my son got sick was when he was 9 months, I was lucky he hadn't gotten sick before that but I remember being so frazzled because sleep did not exist while he was sick.

Here are a few remedies to help your baby breath better.

Breastfeed Often: Make sure baby is getting enough milk. She may need to nurse more often than usual, because she may not get as much at each feeding due to the congestion.

If you’re still breastfeeding, load up on immune boosting foods/supplements like probiotics, garlic and fermented foods so that your milk will be rich in these immune building nutrients.

Use Nasal Suction: Babies cannot clear their nasal passages by themselves, so you will need to gently assist them.

Use a Humidifier: Especially in winter when our air is much dryer, putting moisture in the air is essential for helping moisten and heal the sensitive linings of baby’s nose. Keeping the nasal passages moist helps thin the mucus, easing congestion

Sleep Upright: Help your baby sleep upright, so the mucus can drain. Try propping them up with a pillow.

Essential Oils: There are quite a few essential oils that can aid in relieving congestion. You can add some to an oil burner with some water. The essential oils that are good to diffuse to help with congestion are: Cedarwood, Clove, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, and Thyme

Illness is emotionally stressful, especially for little ones. Diffusing a relaxing essential oil like chamomile or lavender can be very soothing and help with sleep.

NB: Never use any essential oil directly on baby.

Do you have anymore suggestions? Was there something that you used that helped your baby with a blocked nose?

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