Little Monkey Party Theme

We had our son Quan’s birthday party last year November.

The theme we chose was Monkey’s, with colours of bright yellow, turquoise and brown of course.

Here are some detail

Goody Bags - I used old formula cans for the “favour boxes”. I’ve been collecting them since the day Q was born, just knew I had to do something with them. These then doubled up for “money boxes”. I designed a sticker which we stuck around the can, and then my hubby cut a slit into the plastic lid. Each child got a banana as part of their party pack

Decorations - We used a turquoise table cloth and got matching paper plates which we found overseas. I had labels printed where I wrote each child’s name on. The kids then got to stuck their labels to their shirts. I bought matching party hats too which the kids wore.

The Cake - My husband and I baked and decorated the cake ourselves, basing it on the monkey theme.

Food - For the adults we did “build a burger” where we put out all the burger toppings and sauces. We had chicken and beef patties and the guests could help themselves.

The Venue - The venue was beautifully decorated outside with bunting flags and gazebo’s and quilts were put on the grass for the adults and babies to sit on.

Entertainment - Because it was a first birthday party we didn’t have a jumping castle etc. Luckily the venue had a lovely garden with sand pit and jungle gym


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