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Two of my FAVORITE Christmas things I do every year!

my two favorite christmas things

So its almost Christmas, I love Christmas, like really really love it.

I don't care about my birthday, Christmas is the day I go crazy for and luckily for me my family is exactly the same. I was so excited for my son's first Christmas and every year as he gets bigger it gets even more exciting because he understand more and I've kept the wonder alive so it's his favorite time of the year too.

There are two things I do every year, that are quick, simple and easy to add a little humor and magic to our family Christmas, I really recommend you do it too if you're Christmas crazy like me!

Every year I make a fun little Christmas video via JibJab. Its awesome and it's FREE! All you have to do is get pictures of the people you want in the photo and plop their heads in.

They have tons of different options and songs which is really fun.

Check out our little video here so you can get an idea about what it's all about.


The other thing I do every year, and honestly, if your kids love Christmas it's a total MUST.

I make a Christmas video at the Portable North Pole for my son.

Its a video from SANTA! He is by far the most legit looking best Santa in the world. The videos are so magical and they really help to keep the Christmas spirit alive. My son thinks he's the luckiest child in the world because Santa sends him messages. Its really quick and easy to use and you can personalize it too.

Take a look here: Portable North Pole

And guess what, its FREE! There are paid options but the free version is absolutely perfect!

Portable North Pole

That's it, two of my favorite things I do every year. Hope you have as much fun with them as I do!



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