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Having a Winter Birthday Party

Having your little one’s birthday party in the middle of winter shouldn’t have to cramp your style.


You just have to get on Gumtree or jump on Google and you will find a variety of party venues where you can host your party.

If you are on a tight budget and prefer to host the party at home, why not clear out the furniture in your lounge / dining room or change your garage into your party spot.

Another option is to contact your child’s school and ask them if you could host the party there. Most schools will be glad to have the extra income and as an added bonus for you, they already have all the tables and chairs etc.


The Gingerbread Man -

Any child, who has seen Shrek, will probably remember the Gingerbread Man and this makes for the beginnings of a great party. To keep the kids busy, buy or bake gingerbread men beforehand and have the kids decorate their own cookies.

Another activity is to buy rolls of brown paper, have the kids lie down on the paper and trace their bodies. Cut out and put up against a wall and have kids decorate with glitter, buttons etc.

Gingerbread party

Snowman Party -

Nothing says winter like a snowman (even if we don’t get snow here!).

Think white when you start to decorate to create a winter wonderland: Use white balloons, cut snowflakes from white paper, use white Styrofoam balls, white cotton wool, etc.

For activities the kids can make snowmen out of marshmallows or Styrofoam balls.

With older children you can divide them into groups and have them dress up one of them as a snowman with toilet paper etc.

Get the little ones dancing and play Snowman Freeze. Play some kid friendly music and as soon as the music stops, the kids must freeze and yell “Frosty the Snowman”.

Snowman party

Indoor Beach Party:

Get out all your pool toys and get started! Buy some play sand and create a “beach” in a corner of your garage or if you don’t want to risk sand everywhere, fill a blow up pool with sand and turn that into your “beach”. Use surfboards, sun umbrellas and even your patio furniture to decorate. Get out your beach towels and use them as table-cloths.

To keep the children busy they can build sandcastles or you can buy cheap flip flops and have them decorate them with beads etc.

A Treasure hunt is always fun. Hide some surprises in the sand and let the kids dig around for it.

Keeping them busy:

If space is limited it can be difficult to keep children entertained. To keep them busy create different activity stations, for example:

Station 1: A Craft Station where they can create or decorate.

Station 2: Have an adult handy to do some face painting and fake tattoos.

Station 3: Create a dress up corner with some fun hats, glasses etc

For older kids you can add a station where they can play Playstation / Nintendo etc.

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