Princess Birthday Party

For Arlias Princess party there was only 7 little kids, all of the same age and I think they had a fantastic day.

The Cake - Arlia wanted a Princess cake and granny made a “mini” princess cake for each of her friends to take home. The little boys “mini-cakes” were decorated in white and blue and we used Knight Shields to decorate them.

Decorations - For the kiddies snack table – I used clear plastic glasses and made little tutus to go around each glass. I also used cupcake wrappers for their snacks, it was easy for them to carry and the portions were not to big.

Food - The princess -pinkalicious-theme was used on the mommies’ snacks as well. On the top tier there was little chocolate balls served in the small cupcake wrappers. On the second tier I made little apples dipped in chocolate and at the bottom was snowballs decorated with little princess dresses:

Entertainment - My cousin dressed up and played princess for us – handing out crowns and goody bags to the kids. The little girls loved her and followed her every where. We also hid some Easter eggs in the garden and the Princess took them on an Easter egg hunt.

And we didn’t forget the boys – they loved their swords.


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