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Ladybug Party - Eerins 3rd Birthday

Ciara created a buuuuuzztastic party for her little girls 3rd party!

Thinking of throwing your little girl a lady bug party? Take a look below for fantastic ideas!

Invitations - I made invitations with black and red cardboard, opening up like a ladybug’s wings. I used the following wording on the inside: “Have you heard the buzz? Lady EERIN is turning 3 and would like to invite you to her Ladybird Birthday Party!”

Decorations - I bought black and red circle stickers and used them to cover everything: plates, invitations, hats etc. I did not buy themed party plates etc as the prices are so high. I bought plastic, reusable plates and put “spots” on them. We’ll use them again at the next party. We used black and red balloons.

For table decorations for the kids and adults I bought pot plants. It fits in with the ladybug theme, plus we used it as take home gifts for some of the adults.

For containers on the tables my husband painted yoghurt containers and I then stuck on the black and red spots.

Outfit - A friend bought Eerin’s outfit for her. As it was winter, I also bought her some woolen black stockings. She took off her dress later on and ran around in her stockings and black vest!

Venue - The party venue (Kiddy Up, in Linbro Park, Johannesburg) provided the black and red tablecloths and chair covers.

Goodie Bags - For party packs I used black and red party buckets and again stuck spots all over them. My husband bought an assortment of sweets and toys and stickers for inside, all related to the ladybug theme.

Birthday Cake - My sister arranged the cake for us – we had no idea how it would look until she arrived with it at the party – we were thrilled! The kids went nuts over the cute cupcakes as well.

We had been concerned that an outdoor party in winter wouldn’t work, but the kids ran around so much, and jumped on the jumping castle the whole afternoon, so they didn’t even have time to get cold

We arranged platters for the adults, and also provided alcohol (I am a firm believer that adults at a children’s party require wine, especially the mom!!).

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