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The most ridiculous parenting products being sold!

the most ridiculous parenting product being sold

You'd be surprised by some of the totally ridiculous and silly products that get sold to parents.

Below is a list of some of the biggest money wasting ones!

The Baby Mop

Throw your old mop away and get your crawling baby to do the cleaning for you!


Perfume for Babies

Yip, it's a thing now, even top perfume brands are making perfume for infants.....suppose the lovely natural baby smell just isn't good enough anymore!


The Windi

This one scares the shit out of me.

Basically you pop it up your babies bum and help them to pass gas (fart)


The portable pee pee thing.

No need to go to public toilets or every worry about your child bursting for the toilet. Just pop this nifty thing out of your bag for your child to pee in! Make sure to keep tissues with you because I'm sure you'll get pee on your hands.


The Lasso

Perfect for those who struggle to change nappies and keep those wriggly legs still. Just strap them up. BOOM!



Keep your little one on their potty until they poop with the iPotty!!

They'll learn how to use a tablet while they learn how to potty train.


The Baby Poop Alarm

Can't tell when your baby has pooped? Why not buy The Baby Poop Alarm!



This little thing can apparently tell you WHY you're baby is crying. I assume it tested different cries from hundreds of babies to be able to figure it out.


Baby Bangs

Getting fed up with people thinking your little girl is boy? Why not buy some baby bangs!


The Babykeeper

Don't want your baby on the floor, why not pop them in The Babykeeper. You can fit it in your bag and pop it out whenever you need it!


Baby Butt Fan.

WorrieD about your baby getting a bum rash. Don't want to pat their bum dry or put nappy rash cream on? Why not stand for 30 seconds and use the Baby Butt Fan!


The Padded Helmet

Don't waste time baby proofing the house, Just make sure your

child is always wearing their Padded Helmet and they'll be safe and sound!


Heels for babies

Yip, that's right, buy your little baby a pair of high heels, bet all the other baby girls will be super jealous about how they lengthen her calves.


So there you have it, a few of the most ridiculous parenting product being sold.

What do you think? Would you waste any of your money on them?

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