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Baby Names that are banned around the WORLD!

baby names that are banned around the world

There are quite a few baby names that are banned around the world in different countries.

In South Africa we don't have a banned name list so we're free to basically name our child whatever we like, not sure if that's a good thing or not though because we could have children running around with pretty awful names like A224cb7q, imaging trying to say that, or a name like Tupperware Container!

Some countries have very strict naming laws in place to protect children from having names exactly like that!

Take a look below at some of the countries that have banned name lists!

Baby Names that are banned in the UK

The UK has very few rules when it comes to naming your baby, you can pretty much do as you want. There are only a few that you can't use.

Here is a list of the few names that are banned:

  • Martian

  • Chow Tow meaning ‘Smelly Head.’

  • Rogue

  • Monkey

  • Akuma signifying ‘Devil’

Baby Names that are banned in the US

The US also only has a few rules when it comes to naming your baby but nothing too strict and it seems to vary from state to state.

Some of the names which are banned in the US are titles, which typically include:

  • Judge

  • King

  • Duke

  • Master

  • Queen

  • Majesty

Baby names that are banned in Australia

Australia has quite a few laws when it comes to naming a baby.

The name you pick should not be obscene or unpleasant or too long. You can not put symbols in your babies name. You also can't add brackets or blank spaces in the name.

Some of the names that have been banned in Australia are:

  • D*ckhead

  • LOL

  • Batman

  • Ikea

  • Snort

  • Circumcision

  • Ranga

  • Hitler

  • Spinach (3) awful are those names, I don't blame Australia for banning them!

Baby Names that have been banned in New Zealand

In New Zealand you can't have a name that has more than 100 characters (jeepers, imagine a name that long!). Once again as with most countries the name cant be offensive or obscene. You may not use numbers or symbols either..

New Zealand has quite a few baby names that are banned. Here are just a few:

  • Lucifer

  • Messiah

  • J

  • MJ

  • Il

  • *

  • H-Q

  • L B

  • Royale

  • Knight

  • Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii

  • 4Real

  • T

  • Anal

  • III

  • Minister

  • 89

  • Saint

  • Mafia No Fear

  • Bishop

  • Justice

  • Queen Victoria

  • Justus

  • Mr

  • Constables ]

Names that are banned in Sweden

Sweden has the most naming laws and restrictions. You can only change your babies name once after its been selected. You have to submit your babies name three months before the birth of your child and the Swedish Tax Agency will decide if its suitable or not. You can't use a single letter as a name.

Here are a few of the most popular banned names in Sweden:

  • Metallica

  • Elvis

  • Superman

  • Veranda

  • Ikea

  • K8lyn

  • Q

  • Allah Akbar

  • Peniskin

Baby Names that are banned In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia also has a lot of strict naming rules. They don't like names that are too foreign, or deviate from their rich tradition. Names that are either obscene or non-islamic or have a royal connection are also banned.

Here is a small selection of the names that are banned:

  • Malaak

  • Abdul

  • Binyamin

  • Naris

  • Yara

  • Eman

  • Sitav

  • Nabi

  • Sandy

  • Elaine

  • Inar

  • Amir

  • Alice

  • Lareen

  • Tabarak (7)

Names that are banned in Germany

Germany has by far some of the strictest naming laws in the world. Any name you pick has to be approved by the local registration office. The name has to clearly indicate the gender of the child. No neutral names are allowed. It cannot be seen as silly, obscene or rude. You may not name your child after any product or object.

Because approval needs to be given first there aren't a lot of banned names in Germany.

Here are the few that have been banned:

  • Osama bin Laden

  • Adolf Hitler

  • Matti

Names that have been banned in Mexico

Mexico also has strict laws. The Mexican government also decides what name to choose for a new born baby. You cannot pick any name that is viewed as insulting, obscene or silly.

Here is a list of a few of the baby names that are banned:

  • Batman

  • Terminator

  • Juan Calzón

  • James Bond

  • Rolling Stone

  • Rocky

  • Hitler

  • Hermoine

  • Christmas Day

  • Circuncisión

  • Burger King

Would you name your child any of the names on the banned name lists above?


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