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GORGEOUS Finds & must have round up #1

I am absolutely IN-LOVE with these Frangipani hand painted tiffins from Pilgrimage Spaces!

What is a TIFFIN you may be wondering...well tiffins are Indian lunch pails that have individual compartments for separating your food which is just peeeeerfect for me for taking lunch to work!

Aren't they just beautiful!


Next up is a sweet little online store called Little Lollo that I found thanks to a friend entering one of their Facebook competitions. They have the CUUUUUUUUUUTEST goodies for little ones! I'm absolutely buying one of their suitcases...FOR MYSELF! I struggled to pick just one or two things to show you so I'm afraid I got carried away!


Found these cute little Peg Dolls from Rose & Vickory Co.. They custom paint them which I love.

Its the sort of thing you can give to your bubs or use as decor pieces for your house.

Check how cute these ones are!


Artesense makes absolutely gorgeous macrame dream catchers! They would look perfect on any bedroom wall!

I hope you've enjoyed my little treasure roundup!

Which products do you love the most?

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