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Hot Topic - To co-sleep or not

to co-sleep or not?

Co-sleeping is when your baby sleeps in your bed with you.

Some people love co-sleeping with their children while others don't like it at all.

Here are some of the pros and cons for co-sleeping


  • Crying - babies tend to cry less

  • Sleep - babies tend to sleep longer at night and wake less often

  • Feeding - breastfeeding is a lot more convenient

  • Bonding - helps parents who don't see their children during the day to bond more

  • SIDs - it may help to prevent SIDs. Co-sleeping can prevent a baby from entering into a deep sleep state which some studies say can increase the chances of SIDs. The sound of your own breathing could encourage your baby to remember to breath in the first few month of her life.

  • Soothing - Co-sleeping can be very soothing for your baby


  • Risks - some professionals are against co-sleeping due to certain risks and the safety of the baby such as suffocation or strangulation. It is not advised that you co-sleep with your child if you are a smoker or have drunk alcohol.

  • Sleep - less sleep for you if your baby tosses and turns and makes noises

  • Habits - may cause bad habits with your baby and you may struggle to eventually get them to sleep in their own bed when they're older.

  • Relationship - of course private time with you and your partner will be even more dramatically reduced.

Whether you co-sleep or not, always remember to take time for yourself and have some "me time". It is so important for you to take time out and look after yourself.

Do you co-sleep with your child? If you do, what do you think the biggest benefits are?

If you are against co-sleeping, why, what don't you like about it?

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