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M.O.M Diary Review

mom diary

By Nicole Castle

At first I thought this diary is a bit bulky and I would not feel comfortable carting it along where ever I go but as soon as I was settled with all the USEFUL information and sections in it I was simply inlove…

The recipe’s that pops up here and there are excellent especially for those days when I am just stuck on ideas for supper. I think what really got me it the personal goal settings and the section where you get to list things you are grateful for. This diary has found a way to keep my grounded and centered in my busy life and I am proud to say I have not forgotten about one activity or event I had to attend!!!!

Oh! And the business directory… supper cool idea, I have not used it yet but I have found some very useful contacts in there. This is definitely something I will keep using.

By Rhiza Van Tonder

This has a permanent space next to my telephone! I have become so busy since having a baby, like SO busy. I also tend to forget things because of being busy so it is nice to have a space to write my notes and refresh my memory.

This comes in a very slickly bound A4 book and has recipes and notes and reminders.

By Tracy

I was given the MOM diary (A5) to review and I loved the thought of getting organized as I have very bad time-management skills.... I do have to confess that I have not used this diary as much as I would have liked to. I found that my weekends were very busy (children's parties and other activities)and there was not enough space (so I used Friday as a Saturday and the weekend page for Sunday) The important numbers on every single day was a bit excessive, as I feel you should have all your important numbers in one place. Which brings me to the fact that there is no front information page - a friend's husband was in an accident and the paramedics were able to contact her using his diary information page, so I do feel that this is important. So I use The “Important Numbers, Dates & Reminders” section for birthdays and anniversary reminders. I love the recipe ideas that are easy to access throughout the diary as well as the thoughtful quotes on every page. I really like the concept of this diary and hope I get the hang of it so I can fully enjoy it.

View the MOM Diary Here:

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