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Opalescence Teeth Whitening Review - It WORKS!

opalescense go

I recently got asked to do a review on Opalescense Go Teeth Whitening kit. I was a bit skeptical when I tried it but I was pleasantly surprised about how well it worked!

My teeth are pretty yellow and I tend to NOT smile too much because of it so you can imagine I jumped at the opportunity to try the product out!

How it works: The whitening gel comes in trays that look kind of like teeth guards. You place the trays on your top teeth and bottom teeth and bit down for a bit. You then peel off the top tray and then a white tray stays behind on your teeth. This is the tray that is filled with gel and whitens your teeth.

You keep this tray on for 60-90 minutes.

I kept them on for just under 1 hour and it whitened my teeth just like the product said it would. When you put it on it tingles a little bit but it's pleasant and minty.

So lets get down to the positives and negatives of Opalescense Go...


  • Easy to apply the teeth trays

  • Sheets stay on teeth and don't come off

  • Tastes minty and not like chemicles (I was worried it wouldn't taste pleasant

  • Whitens teeth exactly like it says!


  • Can be a bit tricky talking when you have it on your teeth.

  • You can't swallow the gel when it goes into your mouth so things can get a little bit spitty.

Those would be my only negatives which honestly aren't that bad at all.

Here's my video tutorial about how you use it:

(p.s, please excuse my lack of makeup and glam, I'm not a makeup type of lady)

I've used the trays twice now and I am really REALLY happy with the results. If you want your teeth to be whitened professionally without having to go to the dentist for cleaning I highly recommend them.

opalescence Go review

To find out more information about the brilliant Opalescence products and where you can purchase them, go here:


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