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Clamber Club review - Melany Vaughan

This has by far been the girls and my very favorite review. We were given the Clamber Club DVD, music cd and puzzles to review. All of them were perfect for my girls ages (2 years old & 3 years 6 months old). The girls dug into the products like they were made of sweets. They loved the dvd the most. The first time they just sat and watched the dvd and shouted to me at everything the children and frog were doing. After a few more times watching they started copying the children and frog. They have lots of fun participating. When I was out one day my husband phoned and asked me “what is the tortoise movie?”. Turns out Logan thinks the frog is a tortoise. The puzzles are hard and not easily bent. They can also be built on the carpet without the pieces coming loose. This is perfect for toddlers. My 2 year old has fun trying to build all the pieces and still needs a bit of practice. Whereas my 3 years 6 months old can do them all with ease. The music cd is perfect for keeping my girls occupied on our regular 2 hour drive. I highly recommend this product. We absolutely love it!

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