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Om Baba Review

Im a baby carrying mamma and I've tried and tested quite a few slings, wraps and carriers. I have my favorites..or should I say I had my favorites UNTIL I had the opportunity to try and Om Baba baby carrier. My son is over 2 years old but I still love carrying him...the only problem is it an put a bit of strain on my back! When I used the Om Baba is was like HEAVEN...completely comfortable and because of the way you tie it on his weight was evenly distributed. It honestly put very little strain on my back! I hightly recommend the Om Baba carrier to any mom who wants to get a baby carrier.. And not only is Om Baba comfy...they also come in wonderful colours..they're super stylish..perfect for a Mommalicious Mamma! The picture on the right is of me carrying my son ....we were at a part and he was getting niggly so I popped him in the carrier and within in 5 min he was happily asleep :) {Please excuse my double chin and full mouth he he he} I give Om Baba 5 stars!

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