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Clevamama - Soothertree Review

Clevamama soother tree review

Hannah has used a dummy, for sleeping and sleeping only since she was a few weeks old. We were quite strict on limiting it to bed time only as we are not the greatest fans of kids with dummies, though the less she uses it, the less attached she will be and then a lot easier to get rid of.

When she was younger sterilizing them was always a problem. I would put them in the bottle sterilizer; they would fall to the bottom and become filled with water. So when Hannah sucked you heard this awful and very annoying water sloshing sound – if that makes any sense. And trying to get the water out wasn’t always very easy. I always thought it would have been a brilliant idea to have something to make life easier when sterilizing dummies.

Well here it is. The Clevamama Soother tree is such a help. Its quick it takes only 60 seconds to fully sterilize. It’s easy, pour normal tap water up to the water level line, clip the lid on and pop into the microwave – done. Another great thing is that I can sterilize all her dummies at the same time J

But there’s a second benefit which I found even better, we call the Soother Tree Hannah’s dum-dum tree so when she wakes up and if she still got her dummy (hasn’t lost it in the night) we tell her we need to put it away on the dum-dum tree and she will get it again at bed time. Once its there she doesn’t even think about it. If we leave it in her cot, bring it to us and point to where we keep her dum-dum tree.

It really has worked out fantastically in both sense.

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