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Feel Good Oral Soothe Teething Sprinkles

My Little one is a BAD teether, a week before her first tooth cut she was niggly and my favourite part of all, she projectile vomited every meal and bottle! When I saw Lisa call for reviewers of the Feelgood Health Oral Soothe Teething Sprinkles, I jumped at the opportunity to review it.

One it’s a NATURAL product (big thumbs up in my books) and two the second tooth was showing signs of cutting through. I received my package just in time, she had just started with the teething routine except this time she was miserable, crying, had a temperature and the projectile was back, I was bracing myself for a LONG weekend.

After our second change of clothes for the night, I decided to try the Oral Soothe Teething Sprinkles, thinking “What the hell, I have nothing to lose”.

At first she wasn’t too sure about the granules on her tongue, but she ate them. Before I knew it she wasn’t crying anymore, she had managed to keep down a little bit on her bottle and despite still having a temperature she seemed alot better.

I quickly read how often you can give them the granules and it says every 20 mins if necessary, and it was necessary at this stage. The next does I gave her she was used to the granules and loved them! I carried on with the Oral Soothe that night and it managed to calm her down, take away the pain and allow her a good night sleep (with the same set of clothes on). In the morning, her second tooth was showing signs of having broken through a little. I carried on with the Oral Soothe the rest of the day, and it was a “one set of clothing” day and a happy baby day (and happy mommy day).

The huge advantage to Oral Soothe Sprinkles is that you don’t need to physically rub the sprinkles onto swollen and sore gums; you can just drop the sprinkles into their mouth. There are no added chemicals and NO alcohol. They are a 100% natural homeopathic remedy for relieving pain, it does contain Calcium Phosphate and Flouride which is key to the growth of strong healthy teeth. Other magic ingredients are Chamomilla (for pain) and Passiflors (for soothing and calming) and Sucrose.

Now Im armed and ready for teeth 3 to 20 thanks to Feelgood Health Oral Soothe!

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