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You're less likely to get PND if you give birth in Winter or Spring!

A new study has shown that women who give birth in winter or spring are less likely to suffer from postnatal depression.

Why, they have no idea but they think it may be linked to seasonal enjoyment of indoor activities

The study says other factors that effect the chances of getting Postnatal Depression are:

  • The length of your pregnancy. Longer pregnancies seem to reduce the risk of PND.

  • Body Mass Index

  • If an epidural was used or not. Not having an epidural during delivery seems to increases the chances of PND

The way a baby is delivered doesn't seem to have any effect on the chances of developing Postpartum Depression.

Postnatal depression seems to arise because of hormone changes, fatigue and the MASSIVE adjustment to motherhood. Most mothers experience anxiety and sadness after having a baby due to those factors as it is. I mean having a baby is the biggest life changing thing you'll ever do in your life so that totally makes sense.

The focus of the study was to try and improve women's health mentally and physically by finding out if certain factors influenced the risk of developing postpartum depression.

Honestly, Im not to sure I think giving birth in a certain season effects the chances of getting PND, sounds a bit bizarre to me!

The study was done by Dr Jie Zhou, from Bringham & Womens hospital in Boston. They reviewed the medical records of 20,169 woman.

What do you think of the study?

Did you suffer from Postnatal Depression and did you give birth in Winter or Spring?

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