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The water saving products I've bought to make life a little easier.

great water saving products

Like most people in Cape Town I'm trying to lessen my water consumption. It's been quite a learning curve but a good one, learning to appreciate water more and to be more conscious of the environment as I go along.

There are a few things I've purchased to help me lessen my water consumption and also make things a bit easier especially if the dreaded "day zero" comes.

Here's a list of my favorite things that I've bought....

The Sputnik Wonder Washing Machine - This little baby makes it a lot more easier to wash your clothing when you only have a little bit of water to spare.

It doesn't need to be plugged into any electricity, takes 6-10 liters of water and because of its high pressure mechanism it only takes 2 minutes to clean your clothes!

Sustainable has a great special on at the moment!

wonder washing machine

Solar Camp Shower - The solar camp shower is perfect for when we hit day zero and need to rub a dub dub. It's a nifty little shower that heats the water up in the sun

There are quite a few on the market. I suggest you go to PriceCheck to see where they're available and compare prices if you're interested in getting one. They seem to be selling out fast!

portable solar shower

Eco-Friendly Paper Plates and cutlery - I've bough a stash of Eco friendly paper plates and cutlery that I can just pop in the compost heap when I'm finished with them. What I love about these particular ones is that they're nice and sturdy. If we're eating a sandwich we can just wipe the plate off and re-use it.

The brand Green Home has a wonderful selection of eco-friendly goodies:

eco friendly paper plates

Eco-Friendly cleaning products - To help re-use the water that we use for cleaning and washing our clothing I've bought some Eco-friendly products so I can use the left over water for the garden or where needed. The brand I decided to buy is Better Earth. Their products work really well and they're not too expensive and they smell really really good!

eco friendly cleaning

Eco disposable wet-wipes - Many people are buying wet wipes for washing and cleaning but the problem is that they're not Eco-friendly. Cherub has GREAT Eco friendly wet wipes that are completely environmentally friendly and can be flushed down the toilet or get thrown into your compost heap and they're not expensive either! You can find these wet wipes at any Pick n Pay or Shoprite!

disposable wetwipes

Another thing I've bought is a 20ltr water container with a tap on it that I fill up with bottled water. We use that water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. I suggest going to your local plastic shop like Mambos to get one!

What household things have you bought to help you save water during the drought? Comment below with any great suggestions you might have!

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