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The Baby Carrier that ROCKS MY WORLD

I've been a crazy baby carrying mom for years. I carried my son right up until I REALLY couldn't.

He's now 8 years old and I still get sad that he's too big to carry in a carrier!

As the years have gone buy so many new carriers have come out in South Africa which is fantastic and more and more moms are opting for baby wraps and carriers!

BUT Iv'e been totally shocked and amazed at how expensive they've gotten, not only that, they come in stages now so you have to buy a SECOND one.

I mean they're beautiful carriers but jeepers, most middle to low income mothers most certainly can't afford that, I definitively can't which is very unfortunate.

So I was pleasantly surprised when POD Baby Carriers brought out the POD Sunshine Carrier!

Firstly, it's not nearly as expensive as some of the ones that are out there, it's actually half the price of a lot of the carriers AND it fits from birth right up to 2 years (or for as long as you can carry your toddler basically) and it has all the bells and whistles that the more expensive carriers have.

The patterns of the carriers are super hip and the colours and gorgeous.

From a practical part, I've put it on and tested it and its extremely comfortable and has loads of support for you and your baby.

It's got a clever little draw string so you can scrunch the back up for your baby when they're little then extend it when they're bigger (super clever of you POD designers!).

What I love about it too is that if you want to get add ons you can, all the accessories they currently sell fit onto the Sunshine Carrier too.

So to all the moms who don't want to spend a fortune on a baby carrier but want one that's just as awesome and amazing as them, go check out the Sunshine Carrier, you wont be disappointed!

And thank you POD Baby Carriers for helping to make baby carrying more accessible and affordable to the moms of South Africa! You rock!

You can go to to check out all their fantastic products.

Do any of you have a POD Baby Carrier? Do you love it?

P.s: This is not a paid article, it is just my honest opinion about a product that I think is wonderful.

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