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Quick syrup pudding

An ultra quick, mid winter pudding to comfort and to sooth

I am not a fan of microwave cooking, even though I do own one. The biggest use I have for my microwave so far, is for warming up cold plates before I serve dinner, and for warming up the odd left overs. Well, until I tried this pudding recipe! It became such a big hit with my family I ended up making it three times last week!

This pudding is light and moist and soooo delicious, and the best thing is... it's super easy! From beginning to end it takes less than 10 minutes, and all the ingredients in the recipe can be easily found in most kitchens. Give it a try - you and your family will be amazed :)

Quick syrup pudding


100g self-raising flour (or 100g cake flour + 1 t baking powder)

100g butter, softened

100g sugar

2 eggs

4 T milk

4 T golden syrup or raspberry jam


Butter a microwave dish or pudding bowl or suffle dish.

Drizzle in 4 T golden syrup at the bottom of the dish, set aside.

Using a handheld mixer, cream butter and sugar until fluffy, add eggs one at a time, and the milk, mixing well in between.

Gently fold in sifted flour, and pour the batter into prepared bowl.

Microwave on high for 5 minutes. The pudding is ready!

Serve pudding warm, with ice cream, or a bowl of warm custard....

Bon appetite!

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