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Butter Chicken

butter chicken

A delicious easy Butter Chicken recipe that is easy to prepare.


6xchicken breast fillets 2xgrated tomatoes 2 & a half teaspoons jeera 2 & a half teaspoons koljana 3 teaspoons tandoori chicken spice 2 teaspoons garlic half a teaspoon tumeric 2 cups of buttermilk 500ml cream 1 small tin of tomato paste 1 bunch of danya

Method Cut chicken into small pieces with 1 stick of butter and braise till chicken is white. Add all spices,tomatoes,garlic,tomato paste and buttermilk....

Let it simmer on medium for 10min. Lastly add cream and danya... could add 2 pinches of salt if desired

Image: The above image is not of the actual recipe

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