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Charlotte's Birth Story - C-Section & Baby with underdeveloped lungs.

birth story

At my 36 weeks and 3 days check-up my doctor had one look at me and was not happy with what he was seeing, my blood pressure for the last 2 weeks was climbing and very high, I had swollen feet reminded me of the oros man and I was putting on abnormal amount of weight. Doctor thought I had the start of gestational diabetes, the medication he had given me were not working so he booked me off work till further notice diagnosing me with hypertension. Booked my C-section for the following Tuesday which meant I had 4 days of strict bed rest and some more medication to take. I knew I had to listen to my doctor I wanted to make it to 37 weeks to give my baby a better chance, I was on high alert if anything was to happen over the weekend I was told to go the hospital immediately! So far so good, things were working for me and the much needed bed rest and TLC had helped, my swelling went down considerably and blood pressure was normalising. Off to the hospital on the Tuesday morning. At the hospital I was monitored for a few hours, baby's heart beat was strong. I kept watching the clock, felt like forever for 1pm to come, I was scheduled to go into theatre then. Well the time came, all prepped and ready to go, my hubby was super excited and oh so handsome in his blue scrubs. I was given a spinal block in theatre, worked pretty quick through my body. I guess the most awful feeling about it is not been able to move my toes, I tried so hard! Don't ask me why I did that? I don't know how long it was but it felt so quick. Before I knew it, I heard the doctor pulling the baby out and suction noises started. In anticipation I waited to hear my baby's first cry, in seconds to pass he did cry quite a bit. Was sweet music to my ears, I had to fight back the tears, my hubby was with him taking photos. I on the other hand could just ask the sister does he have hair, I mean for all the heart burn I had my babe surely must have some hair! The nurse bought my little boy to me, it was strange, he was wrapped up in a green towel only his little face showing, I gave him a quick kiss on his forehead, I remember so vividly how warm he felt. That feeling lasted just a few seconds and he was whisked away. I was in recovery room for a short period of time, not as long as my two previous C-sections, I guess from knowing what goes on that I didn't stress myself silly. Got to my room and settled all in, now was the wait, I so badly wanted to see my baby boy, no one was telling me anything. Then my hubby delivered the worst news ever, Jordan was taken to NICU for observations as he was struggling to breathe and the doctor needed to do x-rays to check his lungs. My poor little boy was born with water on his lungs, I was absolutely devastated, how could this happen? Jordan was put on machines to help him breathe. The doctor informed me he would be there for a few days to recover and this was quite common in C-section babies. Well to me this was not heard of, I'd done so much reading during my pregnancy and never came across this. I felt terrible, what could I have done to change this, and what did I do wrong? The worst feeling in the world is for a mother to not see her baby, I couldn't walk yet and was still waiting for the drugs to wear off. Made friends with one of the nurses and she promised to help me get up at 4am in the morning to see my baby. It was strange walking through NICU because I didn't even know which one was my baby, I had to ask the nurse, shouldn't a mother know this, but most moms get to hold their little one after birth I couldn't. Jordan was lying there so peaceful, but a shocking sight to my eyes, he was so full of pipes, tubes and monitors. So overwhelming I had to fight back the tears. All I could do, was ask GOD to heal my little boy, so did the only thing I knew best in a situation like this - lay hands on my son and pray! I only got to hold him in my arms on the third day, I had to take him all in. He smelt so beautiful, babies have their own special scent like puppies do. As hard I tried to not show the sisters my sadness, I couldn't help after every visit to go to the bathroom and cry my eyes out. Jordan got jaundice and reflux on top of everything that was happening. He stayed 10 days in NICU, I eventually had to plead my case for him to come home, I was prepared to do anything even if it meant syringe feed him as he was tube fed and not taking to the bottle or breast. As miracles would have it, Jordan made a superb recovery and when he got home made a 360 degree turn around. Drank from the bottle and took to breast feeding with a little patience. There is nothing like a mothers love and home environment to get my baby on the right track!!! Jordan-Lee Ezra born on the 5th of April 2011 weighing 3.08kg and 50cm long.

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