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Emergency ceaser and premature birth

Since I was a little girl all I have ever wanted is to be a mom.

My emergency ceaser story is a bit different because since I was a little girl I NEVER wanted natural a birth, not once did I have the desire to push a baby out down there and I commend moms who do want it and do do it but it was not for me

So at 18 we found out that I was pregnant after the parentals on both side had moved on from this everything went very smoothly I booked my ceaser for 25 Aug at 8 am had everything prepared and ready way in advance.

I have a little bit of ODD when it comes to planning and didn’t want my pregnancy to affect my college studies or job which I did end up quitting, but all in all it was a stunning and easy pregnancy until the 25th of July came and I was standing in my college cafeteria and felt this trickle of water down my leg,

Wearing a long skirt I quietly paid for my lunch as I was at the counter already and quickly, well waddled away to the bathroom to phone my mom, of course when I asked her what it felt like when your water breaks she dropped the phone immediately to come fetch me. There was a girl in the bathroom stall next to me who asked if I needed help I said no Im ok and waddled off.

I calmly went to fetch my friend who was so excited and off we went to wait for my mom, she fetched us and drove like a crazy woman screaming out my daughter is having a baby. All this time I was very calm, I was very young and did not once think of the implications of an early birth.

We got to the hospital and low and behold when they strapped me to the machine I was already having full on contractions. The nurses asked me if I could feel anything and I couldn't which was probably a blessing in disguise but to this day I have wanted to feel what contractions actually feel like.

In any case my gynea came in, yes my water had broken and I was booked for an emergency ceaser.

Still calm as can be, I sat talking to my boyfriend who had to be picked up from school as he was in matric. We laughed and joked around while I got prepped and they took me up to theater.

That day they had a doula volunteering and although they don't normally help with ceaser she asked if she could sit in and I agreed. As she was holding my hand for the spinal my leg jerked up, turns out they hit a nerve they told me to please keep still and I was like that was not me, after that I just felt so overwhelmed a flood of emotions just hit me OMW this is actually happening and I am going to have a baby now.

15m min later my baby boy was out I waited for the cry and thankfully I heard it, this beautiful and small mewling. As they lifted him up to me I cried tears of happiness, my gorgeous boy. Now when I look at the photos he was this grey wrinkled little thing but I thought he was gorgeous and no sooner than he was there they had taken him away. I thought this was normal practice and felt at ease and happy.

They took me up to my room and 10 minutes later in walked my gynea and my pead who said please can we talk to the parents alone my heart shattered, in that instant because I knew something was not right. Turns out my sons lungs were not fully developed even though Loghan weighed a good 2.535 kg and was 36 weeks, he could not breathe on his own and was now on oxygen and in an incubator. They did not know what would happen but they said they had the best equipment and if he made it through the night we would be ok.

We were both heartbroken but confident that everything would be ok, when I could feel my legs I asked to go see my son, they said I should wait but I insisted saying if they did not help me I would get there on my own. So they wheeled me down to the nicu and there he was this gorgeous tiny piece of perfection with all this wires and machines. I was horrified I could not hold him or feed him, this was not the way it was supposed to be!!!

Eventually they forced me back to my room to rest which of course didn't happen and at 5 the next morning I walked back to the nicu and there he was just as perfect as before The nurse asked if I wanted to hold him and I did, it was the most amazing feeling. Within a few hours he was breathing on his own and I got to breast feed.

98% of my day was spent at his side touching him, holding him and talking to him. I only went back to the ward when forced to.

On day 4 I was forced to go home as my med aid would not let me stay but 2 days later after his billy count had come down enough we were finally allowed to take our baby home.

That night all I can remember is watching him the whole night to make sure he was breathing etc.

It was not what I had planned for my 1st birth but I love my son and now my 2nd son more than I could ever explain and he will always be my little fighter!!

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