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Tips on how to care for your newborn

tips on how to care for you newborn

So you’ve had your little cherub and it’s time to go home.

If you’re a first time parent this is a time filled with joy as well as uncertainty.

I remember being so nervous when I left the hospital and went home. I'm a single mom so I was going to be alone all day by myself with a new little human who depended on me for everything. It was a VERY overwhelming time for me. Thankfully my mom was their every evening to help me for a few hours which did make a huge difference!

The first few days and weeks tend to be the most overwhelming but you will get a hang of things really quickly, you just need to stay calm.

P.S: Rescue remedy works really well if you're very nervous.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your newborn in the first few weeks.

  • Be prepared - Prepare as much as you can before time by stocking up on all the baby necessities you’ll need. Also make sure you’re stocked up on food for yourself for the first week at least! When it comes to feeding your baby, if you’re planning on breastfeeding, make sure you have contact details for a good lactation consultant. Extra Tip: Be sure to have all the things for Jungle Juice if you are going to be breastfeeding!

  • Germs – Be sure to wash your hands before you or anyone else holds your baby or keep hand sanitizer on hand. Newborns do not have a strong immune system.

  • Head and Neck Support – Always make sure to support and cradle your babies head when you’re holding them or laying them down to sleep.

  • Never shake your new born – You may think you’re playing with your newborn but it can be deadly. Do not shake them awake or in frustration and anger.

  • Take shifts - When it comes to sleeping, take shifts with your partner, one night it's moms turn to put baby to sleep, then next night it’s dad.

  • SLEEP WHEN YOUR BABY SLEEPS – This is really one of the best tips you can get. Take naps when you’re baby does. You’re going to be exhausted in the first to weeks.

  • If your baby struggles to sleep – rock them, feed them, do what every you can. Don't worry about creating bad habits. All the "bad" habits can be broken in three days.

  • Don't be TOO quite - Be sure to keep things as normal and make a bit of noise while your baby sleep so they can get used to sounds otherwise you'll spend the rest of the year tip-toeing around the house.

What tips would you give to a mom with newborn baby?

Share them in the comment section below.

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