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2nd Trimester – 13 – 28 Weeks

Yay, you’re in your second trimester!

The second trimester is a bit easier for most moms. All the nasty beginning symptoms should be starting to go away like nausea and tiredness. You should start to feel a surge in energy now and you’ll able to sleep a bit better.

Your tummy will start to get nice and round and you’ll start to feel your baby move closer to the end of the second trimester.

The symptoms you’ll feel during your 2nd trimester are:

  • You’ll start to get body aches, especially closer to the end of your 2nd trimester when your tummy is bigger. Body aches will include leg cramps.

  • As your tummy grows you may start developing stretch marks so keep your tissue oil handy and apply it EVERY DAY.

  • Your tummy may start to itch too as your skin stretches, try not to scratch if you can, it will make your stretch marks worse.

  • You’re face, ankles and fingers will start to swell

  • You’ll start to get a dark line running from your belly button to your pubic hairline.

  • You’ll start to get heart burn

Baby Development in the 2nd trimester:

  • Your baby’s fingers and toes are defined and they will start to develop their fingerprints.

  • He gets his eyebrows, eyelashes, nails and hair

  • Your baby will start to form urine

  • His nervous system starts to function.

  • Tissue is starting to form around your baby’s head and within his arms and legs that will later become bone.

  • Your baby will start to make sucking motions and may even start to suck their thumb.

  • You will be able to tell the sex of your baby

  • Your baby’s neck will become more defined

  • Your baby will begin to hear.

  • Your baby’s skeleton starts to develop bones.

  • Fat will start to develop.

  • You will begin to feel your baby kick.

  • Your baby’s eyes will begin to move forward and their ears will be close to reaching their final position.

  • If you’re having a little girl, her uterus and vagina will start to form.

  • Your baby will begin to swallow.

Enjoy your second trimester; it’s the honeymoon pregnancy period!

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