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What women crave when they're pregnant

what women crave when they're pregnant

Every wonder what things other moms crave while they're pregnant?

Take a look at what your fellow Mommalicious Moms had to say.

Let us know in the comment section below if you craved any of the things they did or if you craved something different! We'd all love to know.

This one makes me cringe - Peanut butter, scrambled egg and bbq fritos on toast was THE BEST - eeeeeeeeew.

I personally craved all things sugar and chocolate, it became quite an issue and during the last few months of my pregnancy I wasn't allowed to eat any sugar which was ridiculously hard for me.

Happy Reading!

Zantelle Pitout Marais - Fanta orange, sweet melon and sugas toffees with 1st child. Second Child, I never ate eggs or avo, but ever since the 2nd child, I love them and had a HUGE ice craving. Again, I do not like ice, but with that pregnancy, I could not get enough ice.

Charlene Lubbe - 1st daughter - Crunchies, 2nd daughter - Sweet & sour pickled Gherkins, 3rd boy - Chicken, avo & feta salad with greek dressing 😂

Marisa Amos - Popcorn. Cucumbers. Water! First pregnancy ate jars of homemade mango atchar!

Joseline Dunn - With my daughter it was juicy fruit like nectarines or mangoes. With my son, I had an unusual craving for Lucozade.

Rene White - Peanut butter, scrambled egg and bbq fritos on toast 🙈 was THE BEST

Lesego Bertha Masilo - My craving was de fried chips

Anthea Kaufmann - Pineapples...pineapple yoghurt, pineapple smoothies, pineapple juice,

Chantal Lewis - Fruits I crave fruits. But I also crave board chalk.. And sand!

Tamsyn Leigh Marais - I was allergic to pork before my pregnancy and thats all I ate during it

Jo-Anne Fourie - Simba beef chips on bread

Tasha Lees - Iceberg lettuce with mustard

Jeff En Suré Latham - Appletizer

Samantha Gabriella Mainland - Lots and lots of Jelly Tots.

Cornel Luck - Vegetables

Nadia Strecker - Raw meat..

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