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After Labour Recovery Kit

Being prepared and having an after labour recovery kit is so so so important!

We tend to prepare for the baby and our hospital stay but forget about our own recovery.

  • Always Maxi pads(Super long) -Whether you have a natural birh or a c-section you will bleed, a lot for about 1 to 2 weeks. And it's heavy bleeding so the bigger the pad the better.

  • Epsom Salts - Soak in it before birth.

  • Granny Panties - To keep the big pad in place. They may not be the normal type of panties you like to wear but you'll learn to love them over the first few weeks.

  • Haemorrhoid Cream - After all that pushing how could you not have hemmi’s? If you didn’t have them already from pregnancy. They will appear but Haemorrhoid cream will have you back.

  • Nipple cream - Because they will be super sore after all that sucking every 2-4hrs and they will need some love. Even if your baby latches correctly it will still hurt in the beginning until your nipples toughen up a bit.

  • Nursing pads - Yip, your breasts will leak, having breast pads handy are alway a must.

  • Stool softeners - Use things like prunes, prune juice or phyllis husk so you don't have to strain when you have to go to the toilet.

  • Take magnesium - It will help with leg cramps after birth.

  • Warm cloth or cabbage leaves for your sore boobies will help the milk to flow.

  • Make sure you have all the ingredients for Jungle Juice at hand.

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