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10 Essential Oils that are a must for your medicine cabnet

Essential oils are the pure essence of health-promoting botanicals that can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically and used for massage.

There are 10 Essential Oils we have listed below are a must to have in your medicine cabnet. They are great remedies for your children and yourself.

  1. Tea Tree Oil - Anti-bacterial, antifungal. Use on cuts, scrapes, burns and bug bites

  2. Lavender Oil - Anti-bacterial, anti-viral. Use to calm, sooth sunburns and booste immunity. I alway put a few drops on my pillow when I'm feeling a bit stressed.

  3. Chamomile Oil - Anti-inflammatory, sedative. Use for colic, ear infection and to calm

  4. Peppermint Oil - Anti-pyretic stimulant. Must diute well. Use for colic, fevers and sinus congestion.

  5. Eucalyptus Oil - Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-Pyretic. Use with sinus congestion and fevers. I burn some in the house when we're down with the sniffles.

  6. Rose Otto Oil - Anti-inflammatory, relaxant, uplifting. Use to treat seasonal allergies.

  7. Citurs Oils (Orange, lemon, grapefruit) - Uplifting, balancing. Use small doses to energize or large doses to calm

  8. Frankincense Oil - Anti-bacterial. Use for mild wounds and sinus infections

  9. Sandalwood Oil - Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sedative. Use for sore throats and trouble sleeping

  10. ST.Joh's Wort Oil - Anti-bacterial, sedative. Use for ear, aches and nervousness

Author: Lisa Bulpin

About: I'm a single mom to a superhero, online marketing guru, coffee, sunshine, gardening, music loving girl

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