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Tips for a healthy pregnancy.

So you’re either planning to have a baby soon or you’re already pregnant (congratulations).

Being pregnant is an amazing experience, it can also be extremely daunting, scary and emotional, after all, you’re growing a little human in you.

Here are some great tips to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

  • Smoking and Alcohol. Let get the basic and most obvious one out the way, don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Why, there are numerous reasons why it’s bad for your baby and honestly it’s really not even remotely worth the risk

  • Vitamins. To set you on the right path from the get go, start taking vitamins. Your little baby will need all the help it can get to grow big, healthy and strong and you will need the extra energy and good health to help it do just that. Vitamins are a great way to make sure you and the baby are both getting the essential nutrients you both need.

  • Exercise. Yes, I know, the last thing you may want to do during this time is exercise but being and staying active will help you with so many things like, weight control, mood swings, circulation etc. Try a prenatal yoga class!

  • Stretch. Stretch before bed to help with leg cramps

  • Swimming. Swimming is a great exercise when you are in your late pregnancy.

  • Food. Start changing your food habits as early as possible and start eating healthy. Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can. Don’t forget to eat breakfast.

  • Calories. Try to add 300-500 a calories a day to your diet

  • Soft Cheese and lunch meat. Stay away from unpasturized soft cheese and lunch meats, these foods could have bacteria in it that may harm your baby.

  • Caffeine. Limit your caffeine intake, or better yet just stop all together

  • Harmful Chemicals. Avoid as many harmful chemicals as you can and try and be more environmentally friendly with your household goods.

  • Nursery. Avoid any paint fumes or wall paper fumes when decorating the nursery. Leave that to the dad.

  • Educate. Educate yourself, the more you know the more in control and empowered you’ll feel.

  • Birth Plan. Having a birth plan will help to reduce a lot of stress for you. Yes a lot of the time a birth plan doesn’t actually go to plan but it’s still a worthwhile thing to write out and make readily available for your midwife or gynae

  • Don’t change the cat litter

  • Sleep. Nap and rest as much as you can. Being pregnant is hard work and takes a lot of your energy.

Good luck and we hope you have a wonderful pregnancy journey!

Author: Lisa Bulpin

About: I'm a single mom to a superhero, online marketing guru, coffee, sunshine, gardening, music loving girl

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