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Sister Jenny's Multi Purpose Cream Review

sister jenny's multi purpose cream

By Lisa Bulpin

Sister Jenny's Multi-Purpose Cream says it gives you soft skin in 1 minute......and it does!

Its a lovely medium size tub of yummy essential oil smelling soft cream!

The cream isn't just a moisturizer it can help with any of the following ailments:

Repairing, regeneration and healing of hands, skin tissue, scars, chilblain and may be of benefit to runners, cyclists, athletes, chafing, dry skin, wounds, burns, sunburn, cuts, circulation, cracked heels and sore feet!

I have used the cream for my sunburn and it really helped to soothe the sting! Its also a great moisturizer especially at the moment when the weather is so over the top hot. Skin tends to need the extra love and Sister Jenny's cream does just that!

I also use it on my sons "owies" has become our "Special Magic Cream". So whenever he has a bump or a cut we but some of Sister Jenny's Multi-Purpose cream on it :)

I recommend Sister Jenny's Multi-Purpose cream for every household...not just because its a must have beauty product for mom but also because its a little bit of magic in a little tub that helps with various other ailment!

If you're interested in this awesome cream you can pop over to to read some more and even watch some videos!


By Sheldene Anderson

I was fortunate enough to get a tub of Sister Jenny's Baby cream to do a review on for Mommalicious. I have used it on both of my daughters and lets just say I was rather impressed. My youngest has mild eczema. Our Doctor prescribed some cortisone cream to help. But there is only so long that you can continue to use the cream. Once I stopped, the eczema flared up again. I then got your 'miracle cream' which has helped keep any rashes under control. Her skin is soft and smooth like it should be. It also helps calm the girls so especially great for after bath. It is a great cream for the whole family and I shall definitely be purchasing some more. Sister Jenny's Baby Cream has a subtle scent which smells so lovely; it is non greasy and absorbs easily. Ingredients include: Pure oils of Lavender, chamomile and calendula. Lavender is very relaxing and calming to the body and mind. Calendula oil is wonderful for people who have sensitive skin, because it is very mild and soothing Chamomile essential oil is a very good anti septic in addition to it’s anti biotic properties that prevent biotic infections. Sister Jenny's Baby Cream is dermatologically tested, hypo allergenic and cruelty free. It is not tested on animals and no animal products used. No synthetic colouring or synthetic perfume. Only pure essential oils used. As it is all natural, you know you are only rubbing pure goodness onto your skin. Be Jen-Til, Heal the nation

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