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Apple and Pear Pie

Yesterday I made my first Apple Pie..and it was a raging success!

It was a very simple recipe I used..part from a book and the rest is made up..Im very bad at following recipes, I like to just do my own thing and see what happens.

Thankfully this recipe wasn't a flop ;)


1 1/4 cup of flour

3/4 butter

Ice water

10 Apples

2 pears

handful of almonds

handful of raisens

2 tablespoons of cinammon

half cup brown sugar.

2 tablespoon Mazena

You might have to double up on the dough ingredients but you'll see that bellow...

Method for pie filling:

Peel and dice up the apples and pears, cut them into medium sized slices.

Pop them into a pot of water.

Add sugar and Cinnamon and boil it till the apples and pears are half cooked...not completely cooked.

While the apples and pears are cooking you can make the pie dough..

Method for pie dough:

Put the flour into a bowl.

Cut your butter into cubes and add it to the flour.

Then you crumble your butter with the flour..keep going till the butter is just a bit smaller then pea size

Now this is the "tricky" part.

You need to slowly add the ice water..a table spoon at a time and gently "toss" the dough..DONT knead it..the less you work with it the better, it will be nice and flakey then..

So you need to keep adding the ice water and keep tossing the dough till it forms a round ball..

NB: I suggest you make to bowls of for the bottom of the pie and one for the top..

Then leave it to rest while you wait for the apples and pears to finish.


Take out the dish you want to use..I use a metal cake dish and spray it with some Cook n Spray.

sprinkle some flour on your working surface and coat your roller with some flour..then gently roll out your dough.

Once the dough is rolled out..pick it up with your roller and roll it onto your cake dish.

Press it flat all the way up against the sides. Pull off the sides hanging of the edges and put it aside

Your apples are now drain them off and put them back into the pot. Take your tablespoons of Mazena and toss it through the apple and pears..this will help to make a sauce while the apple pie is cooking in the oven.

Now add your handful off almonds and raisins and mix it with the apples and pears.

You can now add the apple and pear mix to the pie dish.

Now roll out your other ball of dough for your pie top....depending on the size of your pie might not need and extra ball of dough, the left over dough from the base might be more then enough to cover the top..

I used a big dish so I needed an extra ball of dough.

Lay your rolled our dough on top of your pie and fold the edges over around the pie.

You can now coat your pie with some will brown the pie.

Pop it in the over at 180 degrees preheated till the pie is golden brown..

Its super yummy served with cream!

And you're done!

Enjoy! don't have to add almonds and raisins..and you can use any filling you like really :)

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