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Important Life Skills to Teach your Child.

There are a few life skills we should all teach our children. Some will be taught at school but a lot of them are up to us to teach them. My son goes to cubs so he's been learning the below skills which is a bit of a bonus for me!

Below is a list of a few life skills they should learn, if you want to add to the list then pop a comment below!


Learning to swim is a MUST for all children. It doesn't matter if they don't live near water, at some point in their life they will be near it and learning to swim could save their lives or help them to save someone elses.


First aid skills is such a great thing for any child to start learning. They could start with age appropriate First Aid Skills and add onto them as they get older. Children get hurt all the time so learning what to do when they've been injured or how to help someone else is essential.


Teaching your child how to start managing money will greatly benefit them later on in life. Especially how to value what they have and to learn how to save.


Everyone needs to know how to cook. When they've moved out they wont have mommy or daddy there to cook for them so getting them to help around the kitchen and to assist you with cooking from a young age will help them greatly.


Teach your child how to grow plants, sprout seeds and make a veggie garden. It a great way to teach them about self sufficiency and get them into nature. They'll also feel super proud when they see their first veggie growing!


How I wish I'd been taught how to use a drill! Kids love helping and knowing how things work. Get them to help you as your repair things around the house, they'll start learning from their inquisitiveness. Things like learning to do their own laundry is also an essential skill that most people forget about.


Teaching your children defense skills is essential. You can't be there all the time to keep them safe. I know it may not seem like a pleasant thing but it could really be beneficial. It will also help with their overall confidence. We live in a country where terrible things happen to children all the time so empowering them, even just a little bit could really help them if they're ever in a situation where they could get harmed.


You'd be surprised how eager children are to learn these skills. Survival skills like building a fire, how to cook on a fire, building a shelter, know what is safe and dangerous terrain etc are all things that will help them feel more independent and help with their self confidence and it's fun!

So what do you think of my little list? Have anything to add?


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