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Bed Wetting Facts

You'd be surprised at how many children wet their bed. There are numerous reasons why. Children who wet their bed find it completely humiliating and you have to deal with it in a gentle way to not make it worse.

If your child wets their bed still here are some important facts that will help you deal with the situation.

Fact #1

Most little ones outgrow bedwetting. If they're 6+ and start bedwetting again the reasons are often due to emotional or medical triggers like stress or bladder infections.

Fact #2

The 3rd biggest fear of school aged children is bedwetting so if they do start doing it don't just brush it off.

Fact #3

10% of primary school kids wet their bed so chances are your child has someone in their class going through the same thing.

Fact #4

From birth to 2 years, bedwetting is very normal, bladder control times time and at that age they have no awareness of their bladder filling or emptying. Your child is most certainly not alone.

Fact #5

From ages 2-3 years they start to develop the ability to stop and control urination and this is usually when they start to begin to stay dry. From then on they usually start to achieve full bladder control and by the age of 5 years old bedwetting has usually ceased.

Fact #6

Boys are 3 x more likely to wet the bed than girls in childhood. But in adulthood woman are 4 x more likely due to pregnancy and childbirth.

Fact #7

Children with ADHD are 2.7 x more likely to wet their bed.

Fact #8

80% of parents wish their healthcare provider would bring up bed-wetting and educate them about it.

If you have a child that is still wetting the bed I hope these few facts will help you and them, it is a much more common thing then most people think.

If you have an child who is wetting the bed you should take a look at their life and see what could be causing them emotional trauma. If you don't suspect anything then take them to the doctor to rule out medical reasons.


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