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Miniature Spicy Patties

Miniature Spicy Patties

These are great little patties that you can use to make mini burgers!

Have with an array of salads and dips or with wraps.

Makes 12 patties


2 slices Sasko Low GI White Bread

150ml Milk

500g Ostrich/lamb/beef mince

1 Onion (chopped)

½ tsp Salt

½ tsp Pepper

2 tsp Coriander powder

2 tsp Cumin powder

1 tsp Chilli (optional)


  • Soak the 2 slices of bread in the milk for 10 minutes then squeeze out the excess liquid and place the bread into a food processor with the rest of the ingredients and blitz until well combined.

  • Wet your hands and shape the mince mixture into 12 evenly-sized patties.

  • Place a non-stick frying pan on medium heat and drizzle in a little olive oil.

  • Once hot, fry the patties in batches, turning every 2 minutes, for approximately 8 minutes, or until golden brown and cooked through.

  • Serve hot.

To serve:

Your choice of salads, spreads such as hummus and tsatziki, chutney, rolls and wraps

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