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Summer Hair Colour Inspiration

summer hair inspiration

Summer is on it's way and its time to get rid of your winter hair and do something fresh!

I love changing my hair when the seasons change. I try and NOT dye my hair and go natural all the time but I always end up failing and change my hair!

So if you're like me and love changing your hair colour and style, here are some great summer hair inspirational pictures for you:

How gorgeous are these icey blond highlights!

Brighten up your brunette hair with gorgeous little wispy highlights.

How gorgeously warm is this colour, I think this is my favorite! Anyone know what it is?

Such a beautiful honey balayage

Loooove the dimensions!

Sandy blond heaven!

No idea what this colour is but its soooooo pretty!!

If my hair didn't go orange when I tried to go very light I'd so do this!

And that's it, I hope you've seen something you like!

You can click on the pics to go to their Pinterest links to find out more info about the hair styles if you like!

Are you going to change your hair this summer? If so, what do you plan on doing?

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