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My Home Decor (part 1)

Home decor

A few months ago I decided to have a fresh start with my home and decor and I started painting everything white. It was such a therapeutic experience and I loved doing it, I was even a bit bummed when I had nothing left to paint white.

My house became delightfully bright and airy which I really liked.

Once I finished the painting I decided to add tons of plants as decor, its like bringing nature into my home, it makes my space feel so serene. I decided to make plants my main decor features. I love each and every one of my plants and I feel so much satisfaction seeing them grow.

From there I decided to add pops of colour in each room. I love colour but I didn't want it to overwhelm me, I wanted to keep that airy feeling so I tried really hard to NOT go overboard with the colour.

I made a rainbow room (see the glasses below) and I kept my lounge navy blue, white, tons of plants and little pops of gold.

It's a work in progress, I'm redoing the house on a budget so it's going to take some time. There are certain things I'd really love to get eventually, like more mirrors, but honestly, I can't BELIEVE how expensive most of them are!

Here are some pictures of what I've gathered and managed to get so far.

I wasn't sure what to put on this shelf because I already have a long bookshelf so of course I collected little white pots and decided to put tons of plants on it!

I love these bottles, I managed to get these at a market for R80 each, so happy I snapped them up!

I got a great stash of cushion covers from H&M, I really had no idea that they had such affordable decor AND their stuff is absolutely gorgeous! If you haven't gone there yet, you really should.

One of my plant babies!

These are the glasses I collect, I only buy singles and have hunted most of them down at charity shops so they cost R10 a pop normally. I love my glasses of all different shapes and colours and my son loves picking different ones when he wants something to drink.

This little wall piece I made with an old doily and a embroidery hoop. I hang it among the pictures I have on my picture wall.

I love this buck I got from my grandmother, isn't she elegant?!

This decor piece I got from a friend of mine for my birthday, she made it, I have no idea how she had the patience to do it but it's super awesome and I'm so glad she gave it to me!

And that's it for my first little decor round up.

What do you think?

Any suggestions of things you love that I should get to add to my space?

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