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Plan and Prepare a Day Out With the Little Ones

Going out for the day with kids of any age can be stressful. Throw a baby into the mix and the stress levels can quickly ramp up if you’re unprepared. It doesn’t have to be that way though. It’s all too easy to give up on good intentions and decide to stay at home, but children need to get out often… and so do you! Family days out can also be great fun. From big decisions about where to go and planning your route to finer details like knowing how to sterilise baby bottles and prep easy packed lunches in advance, we’re going to show you how to cover all bases and enjoy the experience.

Do your research

The most important part of any day out with your kids is the preparation. Get that part right and you’ve got half a chance of things running smoothly. A big part of the prep is researching possible places to visit; how far away they are, whether they’re child-friendly, the opening times etc. Being spontaneous can be fun, but a bit of planning can help to ease the stress levels.

Delve a little deeper

Once you’ve narrowed it down to one or two possibilities you can do a little more investigation. Now you want to know what others think of it; and if you know people that recommend it, that’s a great start. Think about using social media to ask friends if they’ve visited the place you want to go and whether it’s suitable. Alternatively, check out independent review sites to get the inside track on the place. Try and figure out where you’ll have lunch, too, so that you avoid wandering around aimlessly while the littles get rapidly more impatient!

Plan your journey

With or without kids, planning your route before going somewhere is always a wise idea. The last thing you want is to hit avoidable traffic when you’ve got kids in the back, and you certainly won’t want to be getting lost. So it’s vital that you check the route you’re taking and look at alternatives in case anything goes awry. If you’re going to travel on public transport, look for the easiest route and make sure you’re fully aware of the departure times. Being 100% confident in knowing how you’re going to get to your chosen destination, and having back up options can potentially save you a huge amount of stress.

Prep as early as you can

You know where you’re going and you’ve planned the journey, so now’s the time to fully prep. That means sorting out clothes (including multiple changes if you have a baby), feeding equipment, and the buggy etc. If you can get the car packed the night before, great! If not, draw up a checklist and make sure you know exactly what you’re going to need so you can tick it off and have the day running as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. The night before is the time to put your skills about how to sterilise baby bottles into action and get them done in advance, click here for how to do that quickly and effectively. For the older kiddies, decide on easy food for packed lunches, like sandwiches, fruit, and water bottles.

Leave plenty of contingency

Come the morning of your trip you can guarantee some aspects won’t run smoothly. An impromptu vomit, a tantrum, or a nap that you don’t want to disturb can all throw a spanner in the works. There’s no need to worry about any of these though, as long as you build in plenty of contingency. Plan to get to your destination well before the actual time you’d like to arrive and you won’t be far off. All that’s left for you to do is to put the plan into action and have a great day out!



'This post was written in collaboration with Katherine Mosquera and Eleanor Cains - Eleanor has written for various food and lifestyle blogs and continues to work alongside Mavens of London to create immersive articles and blog content.' - 'Katherine has written and edited a range of articles from home and lifestyle, to food and fashion, and is currently a content creator/author at Mavens of London.'

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