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Freebie - My Bedtime Reward Chart

My Bedtime reward chart

Sometimes it can be a struggle to get our children to sleep. Either they're asking for a million things at bedtime, waking up non-stop during the night, wanting to sleep in our beds, thirsty or need to pee.

Of course a lot of these things you have to help them with, like going to the toilet etc.

But a lot of the time these things just become a habit and they wake up or don't go to sleep because it's become a routine for them.

A bedtime reward chart helps them break the habits that stop them from getting a good nights sleep (and you of course).

I've made the reward charts with 12 days. On the 12th day they can get a reward. It will be up to you to give them guidelines. My son picked going on an outing somewhere.

If your child is struggling to sleep through the night, give the reward chart a go, it really helped us and my son started sleeping through the night and his bedtime routine became easy breezy!

To download the Little Monster Bedtime Reward Chart Click on the image

To download the Unicorn Bedtime Reward Chart Click on the image

unicorn reward chart

I hope you find them useful! Let me know if you use them with your little one and if it help!

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