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Why Being a Special Needs Mom is Awesome Sauce

why being a special needs mom is awesome

So you’ve had the dreaded school meeting. Then the specialist consultation. And now you have the diagnosis. You’ve become an official card carrying special needs mom.

Being a special needs mom is hard. There is no getting around that. There will be a period of grief and mourning ( Take this time and go through the process. But you will soon see that it can be awesome too! You are now part of a very special gang of moms.

  1. You become an instant supermom. Other mothers will tell you how amazing you are and that they would never cope with a special needs child. All of a sudden you seem to be able to do anything. Obviously they don’t need to know that you sometimes cry into your wine. But then again, which mom doesn’t?

  2. You get a lifetime gold membership to the Pity Party with VIP entrance, back stages passes…the works! I wouldn’t recommend hanging out there too much but go there if you need to. It’s part of coming to terms with your new life. And nobody will judge you. How could they?

  3. You receive a ‘get out of jail’ card that never runs out. It can get you out of family gatherings, kids’ birthday parties or school cake sales. But you will probably find that you use it less and less as you learn to manage your life more successfully.

  4. You get loads of super enthusiastic cheerleaders. You will find the most surprising people wanting to help and support. Don’t be proud. Take the help because you are going to need a breather or hand now and then.

  5. Lastly, and most importantly, you see your child for who they are. You celebrate their achievements, you marvel at their progress and you find everything they do to be simply amazing. You become their biggest supporter and their fiercest advocate. And this truly makes you a supermom.

Finding out you have a special needs child is a shock. But after the initial feeling of being totally overwhelmed has passed, you will find a resolve in yourself that you might never have found otherwise. And remember that you are NOT alone. There are many moms out there, willing and wanting to support, encourage and advise. And this is the awesome sauciest thing of all!


We are lucky enough to live in a little corner of paradise called Knysna. We raise our special needs twin boys, while we swim in the lagoon, trek through the forest and enjoy a quieter, more mindful life. My Little Home School is a personal blog about my journey homeschooling my kids. Here you’ll find a glimpse into our lives, practical advice and tips and useful information. It’s also a place for parents in the same situation to support, advise and encourage.

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