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Top FREE Guided Meditations for Children

Top FREE guided meditations for children

My son is an anxious child and he struggles falling asleep sometimes because that's when he likes to think about things, and sometimes those things upset him and because of that he struggles to fall asleep.

At one point I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to help him. I had just started learning how to meditate myself and decided to hunt for guided children's meditation that I could play for him at bed time. I had the hope that it would help him wind down and have a peaceful nights sleep as well as give him some coping skills for when he's feeling anxious.

Well, it worked, it helped so much! What's even better is that he loved it. Sometimes he'd follow the instructions on the meditations and sometimes he'd just fall to sleep really quickly by being lulled by the voice that was speaking.

Here are my Top Guided Meditations for Children.

Hopefully it will help some of you who are struggling to calm your children down at bedtime.

The Wishing Well - Fragrant Heart

Asst Guided meditations for Children - My Peaceful Universe - Full Free collection for a limited time

Floating Meditation - Children's Meditation

The Angles of sleep - By Sandra Rea

So, that's my round up. Hopefully you'll find something in the list that your child will enjoy.

Happy future peaceful sleep to you and your family!

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