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See Me Baby Flash Cards

First of all thanks for sending me this wonderful product to review!

My son is 5 1/2 months old and absolutely loves the See Me Baby Flash Cards! I have never seen him so interested in anything like he is with these flash cards! I take them everywhere with me. He can sit for over half an hour staring at them.

I love the fact they are so durable and that the edges are rounded, as being a baby he puts everything in his mouth! I hung the cards up on his play gym with pegs and he loved it! he was smiling and laughing and staring and babbling to the cards. As soon as he see's me pull out the cards he gets so excited and sticks out his hands to take them, and the incredible thing is it doesn't go straight to his mouth! He looks at the flash card first and touches it and then eventually takes it to his mouth.

I think it is brilliant how the name of the animal is on the one side of the card and the sound it makes is on the other side.

I studied child development a while back and can most definitely say See Me Baby has done their research. The black and white contrast of the cards is great, it is brilliant for development and I am sure the contrast plays a huge part in why my son loves looking at them, not only that but the large size of the cards makes them easy for baby to hold

This really is a brilliant product as it is developmental but also the pictures on the cards are beautifully done, it is something that can be used from birth until probably 2 years old, it is a great investment and this is definitely as product i will be using for a long time!

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