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Bio Oil Review

By Natasha De Matos

So far Bio Oil has been great for my skin. I have no new stretch marks and my old ones are slowly but surely getting lighter. Even my fiance has noticed this. I also have a scar on my belly from a belly ring I once had and that is also getting lighter.

I have used other products before but I find this one a lot easier to use, I especially love using it together with my favorite body lotion.

I gave the opportunity to my mom and sister in law to use Bio Oil too and they are both happy with the results. My mom uses it on her face and she has a glow. My sister in law (who has a 7 month old) has seen her stretch marks get lighter.

Thank you Bio Oil for the gift!


By Tarryn Van Vuuren

First time mommy, and my stretch marks while being pregnant were like purple in color, i was using happy event morning and night, right from the start of pregnancy. When i got the Bio Oil From mommalicious mamma's, i started using it morning and nite all over. Since then i have no new strech marks and on top of that the ones i got have reduced in colour so much so that u almost cant even see them. I also found that it lasted longer than other products such as creams, it spread evenly and absorbed into my skin quicker, and it also kept me feeling moisturised all day and night. I will definitely continue using it and i will tell everyone about how brilliant it is. Thank you for the trial pack, it saved my body from the most ugliest strech marks


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