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Why it's AWESOME to date a single mom!

So being a single mom and being in the dating world I've come across a lot of misconceptions about single moms that drive me absolutely this is my SET THINGS STRAIGHT post.

Here are the reasons why it's AWESOME to date single moms.

We're not needy

Yip, really we're not. Why would we be, we have everything we already want and need generally. And generally we've realized that we don't need a man to do anything for us because we've managed and done it all on our own. We also have responsibilities, real ones, we don't have time to be clingy.

We don't actually NEED you.

Yeah, it would be nice to have someone take the rubbish out and sure we may miss night time cuddles, but it's not something we actually need, we're not desperate for it. Unfortunately if a guy is insecure and needy he might not be able to wrap his head around the concept that you're a capable very independent woman.

Single moms know who they are.

By the time we've had our children, gone through all the ups and down, managed to do it all on our own, trust me, we know ourselves. We know who we are, what we like, what we don't and that's a good thing.

Single moms are sexy and great in bed.

Why, because they've become comfortable in their bodies and they're comfortable with who they are, and when it comes to women, the more comfortable you are with yourself the better the sex is.

Single moms are selective.

Just because we're single moms that doesn't make us desperate for sex, attention or love.

We're selective because we're single moms, so if you're lucky enough to have one of us sprinkle our sparkly unicorn glitter on you then get excited, be happy, cause you're lucky.

Single moms already have kids (duh)

Because we already have children we date for ourselves. There is no ticking clock. We can take our time and enjoy it and do it just for ourselves. The pressure is off us. We can be with someone for sex, friendship a relationship or all three. And no, we're not hunting for fathers for our children.

We're less critical

Why? Because it doesn't matter if you're mega rich, ride a rad car or have two working balls that produce great sperm to make awesome babies. We're don't really need any of that. It's you that matters, the real you, that's what attracts us. Being less critical also means we're less judgmental, and we're kinder and understanding.

No drama

Yes we may have a child but that doesn't mean our lives are filled with drama or that we have baggage. 90% of the men I've met since dating have intense emotional baggage, it's been exhausting. Having a child does not = baggage. If you have personal issues and insecurities that rule your life, that is baggage. We have no time for drama, it's ridiculous and a complete waste of time. We know how important and valuable time is.

Of course, if you're a needy man or if you feel like you need to be doted on non-stop then a single mom isn't for you because we don't want a man baby, we already have children.

And one last little secret for you....if you think single moms don't have time to do non children things, we do. Your life isn't over when you have a child. Just because we don't go out and party and get drunk every night has nothing to do with having a child, generally it's just because we've grown up and we know there is more to life.

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