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What is your child's true nature?

Identifying your child's true nature can help you vastly to understand them as well as help your child with their development in a positive way.

Every child has their own uniqueness but there are always basic natures that each child has and knowing this can help you direct them on the right path.

Take a look below and see what rings true to your child's true nature, you'd be surprised at how accurate it can be:


Their primary connection to the world is SOCIAL.

Their movement is normally bouncy and random.

Their primary need is to have fun and have happy parents.

They're normally described as friendly, bright, light-hearted.

They can also be described as flighty, hyper and unreliable.


The sensitive child is emotional

Their movement is normally subtle and thoughtful.

Their primary need is to have their feelings heard and be connected to their family.

They're normally described as gentle, tender and mindful.

They can also be described as shy, wimpy and hypersensitive.


The determined child is very physical.

Their movement is normally active and determined.

Their primary need is to have new experiences with their parents support.

They're normally described as busy, persistent and energetic.

They can also be described as pushy, demanding and loud.


The serious child is intellectual.

Their movement is normally straightforward and exact.

Their primary need is to have respect, given and received.

They're normally described as efficient, analytical and thorough.

They can also be described as critical and know-it-all.

So, which nature does your child have?

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