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50 Ways for kids to stay creative

50 ways for kids to stay creative

With all the technology around its good to encourage our kids to actually BE creative.

My son has a tablet and an Xbox, which I know people would frown on that but I try and keep a good balance when it comes to technology and creativity.

Being creative myself it does make it a bit easier to do things with him that he find exciting and fun that aren't technology based and I don't find it a hassle because I'm always doing something creative he can join in on.

Currently I have a wall in my lounge that I painted purple. It didn't come out right and doesn't match the rest of my lounge (it was a spontaneous colour purchase), so I'm going to repaint the wall but until then I'm letting him paint a Christmas mural on the wall this holidays, he's planning on painting two pictures a day.

Of course he LOVED the idea because normally he is most certainly not allowed to paint or draw on the lounge wall!

This is how far he's gotten:

Ways for your child to be creative

Below are list of ideas to get your child's creative juices flowing!

50 Ways for kids to stay CREATIVE

  1. Throw a dance party

  2. Paint rocks

  3. Catch bugs

  4. Go on a nature walk

  5. Gather sticks and leaves and make something out of them

  6. Build a fort

  7. Make homemade dough or slime

  8. Read and go to the library often

  9. come up with a story and draw characters and make a book

  10. Unplug, no TV, cell phone or tablet

  11. Try a new hobby

  12. Start a diary

  13. Learn a new musical instrument

  14. Make something out of a cardboard box

  15. Try a new food or cuisine

  16. Visit a museum

  17. Help someone in need

  18. Set up a stand and sell something you made

  19. Create a club with your friends

  20. Stand up for a cause you love

  21. Make something from clay

  22. Draw something new

  23. Paint

  24. Draw a self portrait using a mirror

  25. Eat breakfast for dinner

  26. Do a science experiment

  27. Make a sock toy

  28. Play a board game

  29. Learn a new sport

  30. Make up a song

  31. Make a list of all the things you want to do oneday

  32. Think of an idea each day and write it down

  33. Create an oil pastel painting

  34. Stretch your body and run as fast as you can

  35. Take something apart and figure out if you can put it back together

  36. make a sculpture

  37. Build a puzzle

  38. Play dress up

  39. Put on a play

  40. Interview someone you look up to

  41. Be still and silent for 5 minutes

  42. Design something cool out of recycled items

  43. Plant a garden

  44. Create a special place just for reading and daydreaming

  45. Learn how to bake something

  46. Make something out of paper mache

  47. Make a fairy garden

  48. Create a windowsill vegetable garden

  49. Do some "architectural design" with lego

  50. Carry around a doodle or sketchbook

Got any ideas to add? Comment below and I'll add it to the list.

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